Grab Driver Tracks Back His Customer Just To Return A Bottle Of Cooking Oil

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A Twitter user recently shared a story of how a Grab driver who went above and beyond to find a woman who had accidentally left a bottle of cooking oil in his car

According to Hazrey, a Grab driver, Raymond picked up a customer who bought a lot of groceries on Tuesday, 20 March. However, the lady rider had accidentally left a bottle of cooking oil in his car boot.

The following day, Raymond made a trip down to the neighbourhood where the lady resides at, hoping that he would be able to return the bottle back to her.

Raymond first approached Hazrey as he believed the cooking oil belongs to Hazrey's mum

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However, Hazrey revealed to the driver that his mum has passed away a long time ago.

Then the driver said, "Ah, it must be your wife's then."

Hazrey denied again, "If it was my partner, I'll be the one driving her to buy groceries."

"Bro, I think you were driving ghosts"

Raymond checked his Grab app and there was no house number on the app, only the name of the street.

He maintained that he dropped off a lady customer with three children at Hazrey's house and this is when Hazrey told the driver that he might have dropped off ghosts.

Hazrey then told Raymond to try looking at the other street for the owner of the oil. However, the persistent man returned after 30 minutes and was adamant that the cooking oil belongs to Hazrey's household.

Raymond said with confidence, "This is her house bro. This cooking oil belongs to your partner."

Hazrey asked Raymond if the lady was plus-sized or skinny and he answered the former.

Then, Hazrey told the kind man with a straight face, "It's not my partner. I'm fat. She's not."

The pair eventually cracked the puzzle and found out that the cooking oil actually belongs to a neighbour of Hazrey in the same row

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Hazrey said to Raymond, "It must have been a huge trouble for you to return this cooking oil."

The driver said, “Kesian maa dia mahu masak nanti ini minyak tak ada. Saya pun nampak dia beli barang banyak mahu masak. Minyak tak ada nanti susah.” (I feel pity for her if she wants to cook and there's no cooking oil. She bought a lot of groceries to cook and it would be hard without cooking oil)

Hazrey praised the man in his tweet, "Although the cooking oil is slightly more than RM10, he still took the trouble to return it to the owner."

Raymond, we salute you for your kindness and your heart of gold!

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