A Man Plunged 150ft To His Death After Jumping Off A Rock To Pose For A Photo

The horrific incident was captured on video by his friends.

  • A 39-year-old Turkish man, who jumped in the air to pose for a birthday photo on top of the historic Urfa Castle in Southern Turkey, lost his footing and plunged 150 feet to his death this week

  • The unfortunate incident, captured on video, shows the man leaping off a rock to get a "jump shot" photo. As he lands on the ground, he stumbles sideways and rolls off the cliff edge.

    • The footage shows the man, identified as Halil Dag, stumbling, then falling head-over-heels toward the edge of a cliff while scrambling to grab on to something.

      His horrified friends, who were taking the video, trying to capture his jump shot, tries to rush over to grab Halil, but they fail to reach him in time.

  • A CCTV video which captured Halil's fall to his death, shows him bouncing off the sheer cliff in an avalanche of crumbling rocks and smashing into the ground near a Kurdish restaurant

  • He was rushed to hospital where he died shortly after

    • He leaves behind eight children.

      His body was handed over to his grief-stricken family, before being interred at the local Abdurrahman Dede Cemetery, according to The Asian Age.

  • You can watch the mobile video that was shot by his friends:

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      Ölümü sanıye saniye kameraya yansıdı Tarihi Urfa Kalesinde doğum günü fotoğrafı çekmek isteyen Halil Dağ’ın ölüme gittiği an ve düşme anı telefon kamerasına yansıdı.

      Posted by TCvatanım on Sunday, 7 January 2018
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