A Man's Foot Was Almost Swallowed By An Escalator Incident In Mid Valley

A freak incident that stopped short of turning fatal.

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Earlier on 30 December, a shopper's shoe got caught in the comb plate at the escalator landing point at the Gardens Mall, Mid Valley

While the incident took place a week ago, it only came to light when social media sites picked up the pictures of the incident and posted about it on 7 January 2016.

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According to the Mall's spokesperson, this occurred due to the shopper's shoe making contact with the escalator combs and step as it slides back into place upon reaching the landing platform

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Before he knew, the escalator swallowed his shoe

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However, it instantly triggered the safety switch to halt the escalator

Image via Facebook

The Mall's personnel and maintenance provider for the escalator responded immediately and made sure the shopper was not injured and offered medical assistance. However, the man declined.

The damaged comb plate was replaced. The Mall's spokesperson released a statement to SAYS, saying, "Our shoppers’ safety is our priority, and as such, measures are taken to ensure they are in a safe environment at all times."

However, it's not the first time such incidents have happened. Last year, a Chinese woman was killed after a panel of an escalator collapsed under her feet at the AZG Mall in central China

Later, a cleaner has had to have his foot amputated after his leg became trapped in an escalator in a shopping mall in Shanghai

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