A Member Who Visited Babel Fit In TTDI And KLCC Has Now Tested Positive For COVID-19

The member had visited the two branches multiple times between 9 and 17 September.

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A member has informed Babel Fit, a fitness gym, that they have tested positive for COVID-19 after their multiple outstation trips to a high-risk zone, according to a statement released by the fitness gym

In the statement posted on their website at 10.40pm, Friday 25 September, Babel Fit said that they were informed by the member that they tested positive on 23 September.

"The date of contraction is still uncertain, however, it is with hope and care that we wish Member A a swift recovery," the fitness gym said without naming the person, whom they identified as 'Member A'.

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The member had visited Babel Fit's TTDI and KLCC branches

They visited the TTDI branch on two separate occasions on 14 and 17 September.

The KLCC branch was visited by the member on four separate occasions between 9 to 11 September and then on 13 September, according to the fitness gym's statement.

The gym said that they have reached out to everyone who is affected

"We have already identified members who have been in contact either verbally or physically over an extended period of time through our comprehensive contact-tracing investigation," Babel Fit said.

The gym added that they created a minute-by-minute report analysing every second of their closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage involving the infected member's visits.

According to Babel Fit, while test results taken on 24 September are all negative, all those who have been tested have been instructed to self-isolate at home to be under Home Surveillance Order (HSO).

"We will continue to update all stakeholders as we receive more results in time. We sent out another email update to all members with regards to the latest development thus far."

Here's what Babel Fit said they are doing moving forward

"We have implemented a travel declaration form, of which on a weekly basis, will require any member who has travelled to a high-risk destination to be socially responsible and transparent to declare and to self-quarantine for the safety of our community," the statement read.

The fitness gym thanked all those who continued to cooperate and support them, "especially our members and the frontliners" whose "understanding and patience" they appreciated.

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