A Mum In China Forced Her Son To Beg For Money After Making Him Strip Down In The Street

She also whipped him one or twice with a wire picked up from the roadside.

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According to Shanghaiist, a boy was seen kneeling down and begging for money while being naked in the street in Zhongshan, Guangdong province, China. The images has since gone viral.

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His mother, who reportedly forced him to do it, was seen standing in front of him with his clothes and a steel bowl in her hands!

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According to a security guard there, she also whipped him one or twice with a wire picked up from the roadside. Passersby tried to help the boy and pressured the mother, who then let him dress himself.

The boy was so terrified that even after his mother let him put his clothes on, he dared not to stand up until a security guard picked him up. He was being punished for hurting his classmate in a fight.

Image via Shanghaiist

Several netizens expressed criticism and contempt for her

A web user named 寂寞在徘徊 commented, "There is no doubt that when retarded people become parents, they will adopt a 'retarded' way to teach their kids."

"It's too extreme. We need to be more patient when teaching kids. I have a bad temper, but I've never been this way. I feel sorry to see this. Moreover, it will have a negative impact on the kid's whole life," wrote 守护幸福.

Another user named 土豆 said, "There wouldn't be any bad kids in the world if having them kneel on the street taught them to be good! Loser parents! Bad parenting!"

Meanwhile in China's Fujian Province:

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