A Petition Demanding #JusticeForAdelina Has Already Been Signed By 3,000 People

The petition was launched on Sunday, 21 April, by human rights organisation Tenaganita.

Cover image via Amir Irsyad Omar for New Straits Times/Free Malaysia Today (Edited by SAYS)

Following the High Court's decision to acquit S. Ambika of murdering her Indonesian maid, a petition demanding justice for Adelina Sao has gained steam

The petition, started by human rights organisation Tenaganita, was launched last night, April 21. 

At the time of writing, the petition has gained 3,200 supporters

In the petition, Tenaganita and the petition's signees question how was it possible for the High Court to acquit S. Ambika

S. Ambika (in blue).

Image via Amir Irsyad Omar/New Straits Times

"When Adelina was rescued, she was found sleeping with the dog in the compound of her employer's home. Her employers reportedly didn't want the [whipping] wounds from her body 'dirtying their home'," Tenaganita wrote in the petition.

Adelina Sao was only 21 years old when she died of organ failure, a previous statement by Tenaganita said.

The organisation added, in the petition, that Adelina's arms and legs were covered in burn marks, her face was swollen, and "she was terrified when rescuers came to help her".

"Nurses and doctors at the hospital were in disbelief over the extent of her injuries. Why is her abuser free?"

They continued, "Human rights groups have documented thousands of cases of domestic workers who are held in states of slavery and forced labour in Malaysia. Too many continue to be abused, tortured, made to work for long hours every day without pay and without a day off. Too many have been starved, sexually abused, denied their wages, locked up, and treated in other heinous ways.

"Too many domestic workers have died in our neighbourhoods. Adelina isn't the first, and she won't be the last unless we act right now to change this culture of violence and slavery in Malaysia," the petition read.

The #JusticeForAdelina petition lists three demands:

21-year-old Adelina Sao.

Image via Free Malaysia Today
That the Attorney General's Chambers provides the public with a full explanation on all the decisions made and what transpired during the court proceedings that led to the acquittal of S. Ambika;

- That the Attorney General's Chambers use every possible legal avenue now to ensure justice for Adelina;

- That the Domestic Workers' Bill be tabled, debated, and passed in Parliament as soon as possible.

"There must be justice for Adelina, and there must be justice now," the petition read.

Here's a recap on the series of events that led to S. Ambika's acquittal: