We Can't Stop Laughing At How This Malaysian Expertly Trolled A Scammer

"He is fool and not my level".

Cover image via Mudah / Jeffrey Chee

A Malaysian recently tried to sell his Mercedes-Benz on He was contacted by someone trying to scam him of almost RM1,500.

But the scammer chose the wrong guy to mess with. Chee, who's clearly an experienced seller, demonstrated the best way to deal with it.

He trolled the heck out of the scammer and uploaded his master class to Facebook on 5 July with this caption: "Beware of this f*****... play with me he is fool and not my level".

The scammer contacted Chee on the premise that he wanted to purchase his Mercedes-Benz

Image via Jeffrey Chee

Chee, who already knew that the buyer was out to scam him (told you he's experienced), then uploaded a photo of a paper Mercedes-Benz. But the scammer rejected his offer and insisted on the "first car".

Image via Jeffrey Chee

When the scammer requested Chee's bank details, Chee obliged with full cooperation

Image via Jeffrey Chee

"Ham ka chan" is a common curse phrase in Cantonese that literally means "may your whole family be dead". On the other hand, "Ba sang hor" is the Klang River in Cantonese.

In a classic textbook move, the scammer pretended to transfer the amount for the car and wanted Chee to send him RM1,500 as an "activation fee", or the money would not reach Chee's account

Image via Jeffrey Chee

The scammer finally came to his senses when Chee sent pictures of paper cars and hell notes being burnt as "payment"

Image via Jeffrey Chee
Image via Jeffrey Chee

Furious and agitated, the scammer then accused Chee of being a scammer - to which Chee had this to say to close out his epic trolling session

Image via Jeffrey Chee

You can check out the full Facebook post here.

Well played, sir. Well played.

Image via Abootlander

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