A Schoolgirl Was Killed After A Tow Truck Hit Her While She Was Walking Home From School

The accident happened in Ranau, Sabah.

Cover image via NST Online

On Tuesday, 17 April, a tow truck hit two secondary school students who were walking home from school along Jalan Ranau-Telupid

In the accident that occurred around 3.30pm, the tow truck, being driven by a 33-year-old, was heading from Ranau towards Telupid to pick up a Toyota Land Cruiser involved in an accident at Jalan Kota Kinabalu-Sandakan, according to NST Online.

Image via NST Online

While one student was injured, another died on the spot

15-year-old Elcy Hairyson suffered a broken right leg and head injuries, but her friend, Nor Aliz Khairunnisya Azazahari, who was 16, was killed after being hit by the truck.

They were walking home from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Matupang.

The case is being investigated under Section 41 (1) of the Road Transportation Act 1987 (for causing death by reckless driving)

According to District police chief Deputy Superintendent Mohd Farhan Lee Abdullah, who was quoted by NST Online, the driver tested negative for alcohol, while the weather and road conditions were good at the time.

"While on his way to get the Land Cruiser and upon arriving at a junction, the tow truck swerved to the right and hit the two girls, who were almost reaching their homes," Deputy Superintendent Farhan said, adding that the tow truck driver also suffered a broken right leg and internal injuries in the accident.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, moments from when a schoolgirl was hit by a car and flung across the road upon impact were captured on video:

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