It Costs SGD14,500 A Semester To Enrol Your Kid In Singapore's New Mega Pre-School

It is said to be the world's largest pre-school.

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If you'd like to enrol your kid in this newly opened pre-school in Singapore, you would have to cough up a whopping SGD14,500 (RM45,541) for a single semester

According to a report in Channel NewsAsia, the SGD14,500 a semester fee is for a three-year-old, who would be attending the school five days a week.

The fee structure varies as per the age of the child and number of the days attending.

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The pre-school, said to be the largest pre-school in the world for children aged 18 months to six years, is a collaboration between two international schools, the Australian International School (AIS) and the Stamford International School, The Business Times reported

The pre-school campus.

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Called the Early Learning Village, the pre-school is located next to the AIS campus in Lorong Chuan and its 50,000 sq ft shared campus is reportedly equivalent to the size of seven football fields

A view of the Early Learning Village.

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With more than 100 classrooms in five buildings, the pre-school has the capacity to take in 2,100 children. Some of the features include:

1. Multifunctional spaces like outdoor play decks.

2. A 20-meter swimming pool complete with lanes for both beginners and more confident swimmers.

3. Cosy, intimate spaces for the kids.

Pre-schoolers from the Australian International School playing at one of the Early Learning Village's outdoor play decks.

Image via Howard Law/CNA

The 20m swimming pool has short horizontal lanes for beginners, and longer ones for more confident swimmers.

Image via Howard Law/CNA

Children from the Stamford American International School in class at the Early Learning Village.

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Open to all nationalities, the Early Learning Village currently has 80 Singaporean children enrolled. While a single semester will cost SGD 14,500, there are two semesters in a year at the pre-school.

The Early Learning Village campus is purpose-built for children aged 18 months to six years.

Image via Howard Law/CNA

Would you spend SGD29,000 a year to send your kids to this pre-school? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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