A Taiwanese Husband Divorced His Wife Because She Only Bathed Once A Year


Cover image via Greatist

A Taiwanese man has filed for divorce, claiming that his wife bathes only once a year, subjecting him to a form of "psychological torture"

According to a report in Shanghaiist, the wife's habit of taking a bath only once a year was preventing them from having sex and starting a family.

The situation wasn't bad when they were dating, the man claimed. She would bath once a week, however, after they got married, things got worse. A decade later, the wife stopped bathing weekly and would only take a shower once a year.

Allegedly, the wife's once a year bathe routine would take six hours.

He also claimed that his wife discouraged him from having a job

The wife wanted him to stay home and help take care of her sick father. Because none of them worked, the couple was reliant on her mother for money.

However, back in 2015, the husband finally decided to move out of the house. He found a job in Hsinchu in northern Taiwan but kept it hidden from his wife.

The wife, when she found out after a month that he was working in another city, demanded that he quit his job and come back home.

Following the wife's demand that he quit his job in another city and move back in, the husband started divorce proceedings

The wife, however, has denied her husband's allegations. The court, noting that the couple had already been separated for two years, granted the divorce. 

In case you're wondering what happens if you don't bathe for an entire year, this short video helpfully lists down the 'side effects":

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