A US-Based Malaysian Was Attacked By Someone Who Hated Chinese Men In Movies

The New York Malaysian Association are currently looking for the victim's family members.

Cover image via China Press

A Malaysian restaurant owner in Brooklyn, New York, was attacked with a hammer by a man who was reportedly 'inspired' by Chinese movies where women were mistreated

Restaurant owner Ng Thang Kheong.

Image via China Press

NBC New York reported that 60-year-old Ng Thang Kheong, along with two of his employees, were attacked by 34-year-old Arthur Martunovich with a hammer to their heads on 15 January.

Ng owned the Seaport Buffet restaurant on Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn.

Arthur was allegedly motivated by the Chinese movies he watched where women were being mistreated by Chinese men

Arthur Martunovich (right).

Image via New York Post

"He (Arthur) had problems with Asian men," a source was quoted as saying by New York Post

"He talked about how Asian women are being treated by their men," the source added.

Arthur, a construction worker in New York, reportedly emigrated from Estonia as a teenager.

He has since been detained by local police.

The Seaport Buffet restaurant owner has been declared brain dead

Image via China Press

While Ng has been declared brain dead according to China Press, one of his employees died from injuries and the other remains in critical condition. 

Doctors at the NYU Langone Medical Centre are reportedly in a limbo about Ng's situation and whether they should discontinue his life support as he has no family in New York.

He last registered himself with the Malaysian Embassy in 2001, but the Johorean did not provide a full address.

The New York Malaysian Association is urging any Malaysians who can identify Ng or his family members to contact them at +1 646-0077257.

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