A Vietnamese Couple Was Exposed For Selling Dog Meat In Johor Bahru

They were selling the meat at RM18 per kilogram.

Cover image via Malaysia Animal Association/Facebook

On 1 April, the Malaysia Animal Association (MAA) wrote in a Facebook post about a Vietnamese couple who was selling dog meat to their countrymen in Johor

According to MAA's Facebook post, the incident was first discovered by a netizen who claimed that the couple was selling dog meat in Johor Bahru. 

"You want to come to Malaysia, then you should respect the culture here," the netizen wrote. 

Chillingly, the couple wrote "fresh and raw meat" on their Facebook post to sell dog meat

One of the photos featured a dog that was cut open, with an arm reaching into its insides. 

The couple also left a contact number after putting a hashtag which says "fresh and raw meat". 

They were also selling the meat for RM18 per kilogram.

A day later, MAA wrote in another Facebook post that Vietnamese nationals were also found selling cat meat in Selangor

The association alleged that Vietnamese nationals were selling cat meat to locals at a hidden location in Selangor.

The sellers were reportedly adopting too many cats before their activity was discovered.

The government has been urged by MAA to criminalise the killing and consumption of dogs and cats in Malaysia

"It is saddening to see there are no specific laws to punish people who eat cats and dogs in Malaysia," MAA wrote.

They also argued that cruel slaughtering of cats and dogs were against the guidelines provided by the Department of Veterinary Services.

You can read MAA's full Facebook post on the Vietnamese couple in Johor here:

If you have information on any activities involving the trade and cruel slaughtering of these animals, you can inform MAA by sending an email to [email protected]

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