A Woman In Melaka Is Looking For The Owner Of This RM10 Banknote

The banknote is scribbled with a heartbreaking message.

Cover image via Hyza Ezany

A woman in Melaka is looking for a person who she believes is the owner of this RM10 banknote that has a message scribbled on it

Taking to her Facebook profile on Saturday evening, 30 November, the woman, Hyza Ezany, uploaded several photographs of the RM10 banknote.

It has a handwritten note scribbled on it that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

The last cash given by dad on 21/5/2010 Friday 7.10am. I <3 u, dad.
Image via Hyza Ezany

In her post, Hyza wrote that she is "looking for the person who wrote on this money...", adding that she would like to give it to the owner

"Please help me share to find him!! Thank you to those who are willing to help," the woman, who works at CIMB Bank, wrote in Bahasa Malaysia on her Facebook post that has since gone viral.

"Because when I read this sentence, I felt like the owner is looking for (something)... If it belongs to you, you can collect from me...," she added, referring to the handwritten note scribbled on the banknote.

The bank employer then tagged CIMB's Batu Berendam branch in the location of her post.

Image via Hyza Ezany

At the time of writing, the post has been shared by over 20k times

And among its more than 6,300 reactions, there are over 1,300 sad reacts with hundreds of people commenting on the post hoping for the banknote to be reunited with its owner.

Here's hoping the owner of the banknote finds the post

Meanwhile, a beggar in China asked for a WeChat transfer after being told by a passerby that she didn't have cash:

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