Malaysia's English Proficiency Is Ranked 2nd In Asia, This Survey Says

The country moved up two spots from last year.

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Malaysia is one of the best English speaking countries in Asia, according to a survey by the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI)

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Published annually, the EF EPI is an important international benchmark for adult English proficiency worldwide.

The survey shows that Malaysia has a high proficiency score of 60.70 which ranks the nation number 2 out of 19 countries in Asia. The country is ranked at the 12th spot worldwide.

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Singapore is ranked first in Asia. The Lion City also broke into the top 10, making it the only Asian country in the top 10 dominated by European countries.

The Philippines took the 13th spot after Malaysia while India was ranked 22. Meanwhile, South Korea was ranked 27th while Hong Kong 30th.

In the survey, women in Malaysia speak English better than men, with a proficiency score of 61.96 over 59.67

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Last year, the country was ranked at the 14th spot, before moving up to the 12th spot in the 2016 survey.

Check out the full 2016 rankings here.

Looks like the government's efforts of improving the country's English proficiency has paid off!

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