Passenger Who Caught Driver Napping Was Allegedly Punched For Reporting The Incident

The bus passenger was boarding a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru when the incident happened.

Cover image via Thomas Fann

An express bus passenger was recently alarmed and feared for the safety of everyone onboard, when he found out that the driver was asleep at wheel

Thomas Fann wrote in a Facebook post about the incident which happened yesterday, 27 August, while he was travelling on a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru.

According to Fann, he caught the driver sleeping when the bus stopped near a traffic light in Seremban.

He suspected that something was amiss when the bus had remained stationary for about 10 minutes even when the traffic light had turned green and all the other vehicles on the road have started moving.

That was when he went to the front of the bus and found that the bus driver was sound asleep at wheel

Fann said that the bus driver was so deep in sleep that he had to "shake him firmly a few times" before he woke up.

Following his discovery, the activist from non-governmental organisation (NGO) Engage told the rest of the bus passengers that the bus driver had fallen asleep. It was said that they were alarmed and concerned for their safety upon learning what had happened.

"I called the bus company and informed the person what happened and requested for a change of driver."

While there was no casualty from the incident, Fann has claimed that he was punched by the bus driver afterwards

Image via Thomas Fann

Fann said that the bus driver stopped near the Seremban toll and tried to forcibly kick him out of the bus. The bus driver assaulted him when he refused to budge.

"He wanted me to get off the bus for making the complaint and when I refused, he suddenly punched me on my left eye."

He added that the other passengers in the bus interfered while the bus driver continued hurling abuses and tried to hit him again.

Fann eventually got off the bus when it stopped for a toilet break in Pagoh. From there, he boarded another bus to get to Johor Bahru.

It is learned that Fann has made a police report over the incident as well as made an official complaint to the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD). He also said that he is considering to take legal action against the bus company.

Meanwhile, The Star Online reported the Penang-based bus company's manager saying that the bus driver involved in the incident has been suspended.

"I wouldn't want to comment much because it is already being investigated by the police," he was quoted as saying.

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