AirAsia Now Offers Gig Riders Full-Time Employment With Salary Of Up To RM3,000

Full-time riders will be entitled to employee benefits and other perks.

Cover image via Lowyat.NET & SoyaCincau

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AirAsia is now the first in Asia to offer full-time employment and a fixed salary to its gig riders

According to an announcement on the AirAsia website, AirAsia food and AirAsia xpress riders will now be employed as full-time employees of the company, effective 4 August, Thursday.

Full-time riders were welcomed into the AirAsia Allstar family and will receive a guaranteed monthly salary of up to RM3,000. The riders will also receive employee benefits such as Employee Providence Fund (EPF), Social Security Organisations (SOCSO), medical insurance, annual leaves, and travel benefits.

The announcement also confirmed that riders are entitled to additional incentives based on their performance.

Image via SoyaCincau

Capital A Berhad chief executive officer Tony Fernandes said that by offering the riders full-time employment, it can add value to their lives and help progress their career

By offering permanent positions to delivery riders, Fernandes hopes to improve the brand's work environment, whilst providing more financial stability to its employees.

"By being full-time employees, they are part of the larger Capital A ecosystem, where they will have opportunities to explore and develop their careers further. From a delivery rider, they can become a cabin crew, a pilot, a data analyst, a digital marketer, part of the corporate office - the possibilities are endless," said Fernandes.

Fernandes added that AirAsia does not believe in providing contracts to his employees and wants to invite more permanent riders into the AirAsia family.

Image via SoyaCincau

AirAsia's head of delivery, Lim Ben-Jie weighed in on the application process for the position and the possibility of it receiving an overload of applications

According to the Malay Mail, Lim said that he isn't worried about the position being of high interest with individuals. Each applicant will be screened thoroughly before they are considered for the job.

Lim instead welcomes more individuals to apply as the company currently only has 20 permanent riders. He hopes the delivery team will grow until they are considered to be on par with delivery company giants, Grab and foodpanda.

"I don't think we have any plans to put a stopgap in our current hiring policies as we're currently looking to grow. As for now, we have 20 permanent riders and we're looking for more and more in the future," Lim stated.

AirAsia food currently operates in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. The brand's delivery service by AirAsia xpress is available in countries such as, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

AirAsia's head of delivery, Lim Ben-Jie.

Image via Borneo Post Online

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