Airbnb Guest Trashed This House In Malaysia And Left Host With Damages Worth RM50,000

Guest from hell.

Cover image via Facebook/Simon Landsheer

An Airbnb host in Malaysia was left with damages worth around RM50,000 after hosting a guest recently

The host, Simon Landsheer, posted a status on Saturday, 16 December, detailing the incident and damages he was claiming from Airbnb.

The guest had allegedly destroyed most of Landsheer's furniture, kitchen appliances, and left the whole house completely dirty.

He also found traces of drugs in the house.

Landsheer said that the electricity bill amounted to RM3,400 by the time his guest vacated the house

To restore the house to its original state, Landsheer has filed claims to Airbnb, which include repainting the whole house, a thorough chemical cleaning, replacing the broken and missing appliances, and fixing the damaged kitchen

The identity of the guest was revealed in Landsheer's post, which also warned other Airbnb hosts from accepting him as a guest

"I have indications that he might be in Bali at the moment. All Bali friends, beware!

"Other home owners, please take this to your heart and make sure not to accept him as a guest as he will ruin your place. Also, anyone who knows him, please share his details with me," read Landsheer's post. 

He also said that four other Airbnb hosts have reached out to him, detailing their bad experiences with the same guest. 

"I'm really wondering how Airbnb can let this happen if this guy is known for his misbehavior?" he questioned. 

Read Landsheer's full post here

Landsheer attached a screenshot of two Airbnb hosts' experience of hosting the same guest that had damaged his house.

Image via Facebook/Simon Landsheer

When he tried reaching out to the guest, this is the message he received from the man:

"His WhatsApp became active the other day. It was inactive since the day he left and he never replied our claims on Airbnb and my earlier messages weren't delivered. 

"My message to him yesterday was delivered and I've informed him that he's famous now. He replied with a somewhat threatening message, 'Just watch'," added Landsheer.

Landsheer updated his post yesterday, 18 December, saying that Airbnb has responded and that his case has been escalated to the senior team. At the time of writing, his post has gained more than 3,000 likes and shared 4,792 times.

If you're ever unsure of the dos and don'ts of being an Airbnb guest, read these tips on how to be a considerate one.

Remember to follow the house rules (if any) and treat the host and house with respect! :)

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