All 37 People In A Private Old Folks' Home In Seremban Contracted COVID-19

Two elderly residents at the old folks' home have died due to the virus.

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Everyone in a private old folks' home in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan has tested positive for COVID-19. Two elderly residents had died after being infected.

According to China Press, among the 37 individuals who tested positive at the premises, 23 of them are elderly residents and 14 of them are employees. The Chinese daily also alleges that it is an unlicensed old folks' home.

Bukit Kepayang assemblyperson Nicole Tan Lee Koon told the Chinese daily that everyone in the private old folks' home underwent COVID-19 screening last Friday, 11 June, and all tested positive for the virus, including both morning and night shift staff.

Although the local authorities are currently investigating the source of infection at the premises, an elderly man who died from the virus was the first person who tested positive for COVID-19.

Tan said the elderly man had a habit of going out often. As of now, she said none of the COVID-19 positive patients experience any discomfort. Thus, they were ordered to quarantine at the old folks' home.

Image via China Press

The other victim who had died from the virus after being infected at the old folks' home was a 90-year-old woman

Family members of the elderly woman paid RM2,000 a month to the old folks' home to take care of their grandmother.

Although they were prepared for their asthmatic grandmother's passing, they expected a natural death — not due to COVID-19.

"Grandma started coughing on 3 June. After her condition suddenly turned critical on 6 June, she was rushed to the hospital. She was certified dead at 11:41pm on 11 June. She didn't wake up during (her stay at the hospital). She left us silently," said the deceased's granddaughter.

She told China Press that her family will be taking legal action against the old folks' home as the management has yet to give them an explanation since their grandmother's passing.

She explained that she is not trying to seek compensatory damages, but rather to send a clear message to the public that institutions should not conceal the truth as it will only harm more innocent people.

The deceased's granddaughter also reminded members of the public who sent their grandparents to old folks' homes to always check whether the nursing homes follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

According to her, during a visit to her grandmother before the Movement Control Order (MCO), she found that none of the nursing home staff were wearing masks.

Image via China Press
Image via China Press

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that there is a cluster involving an old folks' home in Seremban, dubbed the Jalan Bukit Delima cluster

As of yesterday, 14 June, the cluster recorded 27 new cases out of 37 individuals who were screened.

"This cluster was identified following a large-scale screening on staff and residents of an old folks' home on Jalan Bukit Delima Dua, Taman Bukit Delima, Seremban," wrote the ministry.

The old folks' home located on Jalan Bukit Delima Dua, Taman Bukit Delima, Seremban.

Image via Google Maps

Additionally, the Bukit Kepayang assemblyperson said three other old folks' homes in Seremban have active COVID-19 cases as well. All of them are licensed premises, reported China Press.

Tan, who is also Negeri Sembilan Women, Family, and Welfare Affairs committee chairman, urged all old folks' homes to follow SOPs during this crucial time when the number of COVID-19 cases is high.

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