All You Need To Know About The Building That Looked Like It Was About To Collapse

The developer has assured that the building was designed this way.

Cover image via Twitter @ShahmiHeizen & Twitter @KSK_Land

A viral WhatsApp message caused panic on Monday, 23 December, for suggesting that a building under construction in the heart of Kuala Lumpur was sloping and about to collapse

Along with the widely forwarded picture came various forms of the message, "Opposite Pavillion, next to Pullman Hotel."

"Don't go near town. Apparently building is about to collapse, heavy traffic jam."

However, the worry was uncalled for as the building in question was designed to be "curvy"

"The design is actually… for one of the towers to be… a bit curvy. Once the whole work is complete, you'd be able to see the actual intended design of the building," a spokesperson from MCC Overseas Sdn Bhd, the contractor appointed by the developer KSK Land Sdn Bhd, told New Straits Times.

According to their website, the building is one of three skyscrapers in a development called 8 Conlay.

The building complex will feature retail outlets at the bottom floors and three towers: a five-star Kempinski luxury hotel, and two YOO8 residential towers featuring Tower A at 68 storeys and Tower B at 57 storeys.

The YOO8 residential buildings boast to be the "world's tallest spiralled twin residential towers upon completion".

Image via 8 Conlay

The tower that caused panic is Tower B of the residential buildings, which definitely features a unique curved design.

"Depending on the angle, the towers' unique design will make them appear as if they are 'tilted'," KSK Land told The Star, assuring that their operations and work are regularly assessed and that all safety requirements in their work are met and guaranteed.

Many netizens also offered pictures that prove that the building only appears to be precariously tilting from certain angles

This Twitter user gave a helpful picture to visualise the unfinished construction, "I think the building is only up to here, that's why it looks tilted."

This netizen shared a picture that clearly shows a better angle.

Image via Twitter @Ahaiyi

The property's website even documents the construction progress month-by-month, with this drone view captured last month.

Image via 8 Conlay

Here is another viral message that caused panic this month which has since been debunked:

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