Undi Negaraku Uses Comic Strips To Teach Newbies About Voting In GE14

Now everyone can understand the Malaysian voting process.

Cover image via Undi Negaraku

Undi Negaraku is a new initiative by 1Malaysia to help new voters understand the Malaysian voting process

According to the 1Malaysia website, Undi Negaraku is for first-time voters to learn more about the voting process and the Malaysian General Election system. 

A voting guide book was also created under this initiative for "helping first-time voters looking to cast their votes" in GE14.

Image via 1Malaysia

A website has been set up for Undi Negaraku, featuring four sections of comic strips about the Malaysian General Election

The sections are Preparations Before Election Day, Election Day, Transparency In Election Process, and Frequently Asked Questions

In each section, vibrant comic strips were created to explain information regarding elections to readers. They include everything from eligibility to vote, to election day checklist, and a step-by-step guide of the voting process.

Image via Undi Negaraku

The Undi Negaraku kit was also created for new voters only, complete with a voting guide book and exclusive merchandise

Image via 1Malaysia

The kit was made only for new voters, and each individual is eligible for one kit only. Interested voters may also complete an online form on the 1Malaysia website to have the kit delivered to your home address. To complete the form, voters have to agree to subscribing to the 1Malaysia website and PM Najib's site.

Although the kit is free of charge, it is in limited quality. 

What do you think about the Undi Negaraku comic strips and kit? Let us know in the comments below.

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