When Alphaeus Requested Obama To Talk To Najib, He Had No Idea THIS Would Happen

Turns out Alphaeus is as cool as his name.

Cover image via OREO

Back in 20 November, this happened:


Posted by SAYS on Saturday, November 21, 2015

His name is Alphaeus Tan and he went viral for obvious reasons:

After which, many on the Internet offered to give him a 'cookie'. Basically meaning, people considered him worthy of brownie points.

Apparently, Oreo Malaysia thought the same and they did not just give Alphaeus one cookie, but a whole bucketload of them.

Image via OREO

In return, Alphaeus has decided to donate the Oreo cookies to the House of Joy, a charity home that administers shelter, care and training to orphans. He also said that he is glad what he asked President Obama "meant so much to so many" and he is "happy to share that the real issue (not about me) has been reported in countries like Canada, Japan, the United States, all ASEAN countries and many other places."

Meanwhile, read what Obama said to this girl: