Alvin Tan Urges Malaysian Chinese To Leave The Country For Their Own Good

Alvin Tan explains why he thinks Malaysian Chinese should leave the country if they want to "make it" in his latest Facebook post.

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Sex blogger Alvin Tan has once again drawn attention to himself by expressing his views on Malaysia's racial population, particularly the Malays and Chinese

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In a 1,600-word Facebook post, Alvin cited two groups of hypothetical mice (A and B) exposed to contrasting life conditions and eventually becoming "radically different" from each other

Group A is described to have the better end of the stick, being "well-fed, kept warm, kept away from predators, and allowed to reproduce for generations", whereas Group B had to overcome harsh conditions such as limited food, cold temperature and natural predators.

Due the extreme forces of nature pitted against them, Alvin describes the surviving members of Group B as those with "superior genes".

Alvin hypothesised that when both groups are mixed together in a new environment, Group B flourished while Group A struggled to survive

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Because population B carries only elite genes whereas population A carries all sorts of substandard genes, population B thrived over population A in many ways. Population B has survived hardship for generations, while population A didn't even know hardship existed.

So what's the deal with all this 'mice talk'? Turns out, he was actually making a distinction between the Malays and Chinese in Malaysia, with the Malays being likened to Group A of the mice population and the Chinese, Group B.

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Alvin describes the Malays as having lived a comfortable life in a "warm equatorial climate with an abundance of sunlight, rain, greenery, rich soil, and a variety of flora and fauna that served as food" and never having to deal with "survival-threatening" factors, hence rendering them dormant throughout time and evolution.

On the other hand, Alvin stated the Chinese have been subjected to political and environmental hardships, resulting in a 'survival of the fittest' and making the Chinese some of the most "entrepreneurial, hardworking, and intelligent people on earth".

Due to the Chinese people's "wealth and success" in Malaysia, Alvin alleged that Malaysia's political power constructed economic policies for the purpose of preventing a "deeply-humiliating" economic divide between the Malays and Chinese

[The Chinese] just suddenly showed up and made loads of money in just a few years, in their land (WHAT AUDACITY!), becoming really prosperous, while they who have been sitting on those lands for centuries didn't even manage to come close to that level of wealth and success. Because they were still the majority, political power naturally remained in their hands by virtue of democracy.

Alvin ended the post by urging Malaysian Chinese to "start dreaming big" and leave the country if they want to "make it", citing Dato' Jimmy Choo, Michelle Yeoh and James Wan as examples

Unlike his previous provocative posts against the government, Alvin's latest post has quite a number of readers agreeing with his sentiments

Some have also noted that while the post is "well-written", they do not think that leaving the country is the right answer

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However, some have also criticised the post, calling it "racist" and "narrow-minded"

You can read the full post here

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