Someone Found An Indomie Packet From 19 Years Ago Washed Up On A Beach

The packet appeared to be in relatively good condition.

Cover image via Twitter

A photo of an Indomie packet that washed up on an Indonesian shore has gone viral

Twitter user @selfieeanie, who found the old packaging at Serdang Biru Beach in East Java, posted the photo on 7 April.

Image via Twitter

The tweet has garnered over 76,000 retweets at the time of posting.

The packet, which appeared to be in good condition, featured the words "Long Live Indonesia, 55th anniversary"

The packet had been manufactured for a one-off event.

"In August, Indonesia will be 74 years old. So this wrapper has been floating in the ocean for 19 years before it got washed up on the shore," the tweet read.

Appalled by the discovery, Twitter users replied to the post with infographics to educate the public

Several people shared reminders on how long different materials take to decompose, with plastic taking the longest at an estimated 15 years.

Another netizen further highlighted the plastic problem by pointing out that, "In 2018, an old shampoo sachet from the '80s was found at a beach."

"It's safe to estimate that this plastic waste is more than 30 years old and has not broken down at all despite floating out at sea for years," the Twitter user added.

The trash we throw into the ocean not only takes years to decompose, it also endangers marine life:

There are many ways to reduce excessive use of plastic. Here's what Thailand is doing to be more environmentally conscious: