Annuar Musa Alleges Tok Pa Was Investigated For Receiving A "Substantial Amount Of Funds"

He, however, didn't say if Tok Pa left UMNO because of being investigated.

Mustapa Mohamed, who on 18 September announced his decision to quit UMNO, was investigated by authorities for receiving a "substantial amount of funds", alleged UMNO's Annuar Musa today

The UMNO Secretary-General was reported making the allegation at a briefing on UMNO AGM earlier today by Channel NewsAsia's reporter Sumisha Naidu.

According to Annuar Musa, while he can't comment for sure why two former ministers, Anifah Aman and Mustapa Mohamed, have resigned from UMNO this week, he claims he knows there are some who can't handle the stress of looming investigations.

Image via NST Online

It was reported that the reason Mustapa, popularly known as Tok Pa, left UMNO due to the party's recent bonding with Islamist party PAS, however Musa claims that is not the reason why Tok Pa left

When Musa was asked if the former Minister for International Trade and Industry left UMNO because of the alleged investigation by authorities, the UMNO Secretary-General declined to comment, saying the reporter should ask this to Tok Pa.

According to Musa, three UMNO Kelantan officials including Mustapa Mohamed were interrogated by authorities 10 days ago

Previously, Jeli MP Mustapa Mohamad left UMNO after spending more than 40 years in the party. When leaving UMNO, he said his political principles and the party's direction no longer aligned.

He said he was not convinced that UMNO's rejuvenation had begun.

Mustapa said he, like many others, had after the 14th General Election observed the Malaysian political landscape, UMNO's and Barisan Nasional’s direction as well as the future of the country.

Based on developments, he said it would be difficult to repair the “trust deficit” and the party’s image. There were no signs, he said, that the majority of the multiracial community would return to the party’s struggle, reported NST Online.

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