Anwar: Malaysia's National Debt Has Exceeded RM1 Trillion

According to the Prime Minister, he is currently reviewing projects to ensure there are no leakages.

Cover image via Vincent Thian/ABC & AFP/MalayMail

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Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has stated that the national debt of Malaysia has exceeded RM1 trillion

This divulgence comes with Anwar's stipulation of a review for projects that have already been approved under the previous administration, to ensure no leakages occur.

"I am examining the files, that's why there are some projects we are asking to be postponed, re-examined, or cancelled. This is not to take a jab at any political figure," he said at his official residence this past Sunday, 11 December, where he had a gathering with Muslim preachers. 

According to a report by Free Malaysia Today, Anwar had ordered a review of RM7 billion in contracts that were approved under a RM15 billion flood mitigation project conducted through direct negotiations, instead of a tender process.

Anwar at his official residence, meeting with Muslim preachers on 11 December.

Image via Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

"Some projects, we postponed, rechecked, or cancelled. If we want to spend, we have to check, this is a matter of good governance," Anwar said.

In his statement, Anwar noted that he wanted to reconsider the flood mitigation projects to avoid any problems from arising.

According to Anwar, who is also the Finance Minister, those who would be most affected by any issues arising in relation to this project would be members of the public, especially those in poorer communities.

"Managing the country requires order and rules. Look at the spontaneous approval of flood mitigation projects, there are some unanswered questions, and I ask that they be postponed and re-examined," he said, adding that he will head over to the Ministry of Finance to investigate the matter.

In line with his earlier stipulation, Anwar has stated that he will no longer approve projects without tender, in order to combat corruption.

He also went on to warn Cabinet members not to get involved in bribery or misuse their power, as a discovery of such discrepancies and misconducts will see them fired immediately

Anwar said that he will not compromise on such culture in the unity government that he leads.

Check out Anwar's full statement of no longer approving projects without tender:

Last week, Anwar also revealed that cabinet members have agreed to a 20% pay cut of their monthly salaries:

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