This Guy Wanted To Open The Plane Door To Smoke At 38,000 Feet

Sometimes you just gotta smoke!

Cover image via Dan Iosch/CBC

In an incident that occurred earlier this week, a Lufthansa flight, headed to Vancouver, had to be diverted mid-air to Hamburg due to a man who, reports claim, tried to smoke a cigarette by trying to open the plane's door at more than 35,000 feet in the sky

The man being removed from the Lufthansa flight after passengers say he tried to open a door.

Image via Dan Iosch/CBC

The Lufthansa flight had taken off from Munich

According to Dan Iosch, who was a passenger in first-class on the same flight, the man, whose identity was not revealed, started 'being difficult' at the beginning of the 10 and a half hour-long flight, but the crew decided to take-off anyway'.

Speaking to CBC, he added that the man reportedly attempted to force open the back door of the plane after it reached its highest altitude.

Once the plane landed in Hamburg, a rescue crew and a doctor were quick to the scene. The doctor diagnosed the man with a mental health problem. He was later transferred to a local psychiatric facility, The Independent reported.

The police decided not to run any investigation into the incident.

The flight which usually takes eleven hours was eventually delayed by just over three hours.

Iosch watched on as the unnamed man was forcibly escorted from the aircraft by police officers and paramedics.

He added: β€œThe captain was amazing. He had everything in hand and he was calm, but he redirected the plane to Hamburg immediately and we were cleared in straight away.”
Image via Daily Mail

Back in 2015, a group of 25 Chinese passengers had opened emergency doors before a delayed flight was about to take-off:

Prior to that in 2014, a first-time air traveller was so anxious to get out and wanted some fresh air, he deployed the emergency slide:

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