Army Sergeant Father Admits To Beating His Daughter With Belt Hours Before She Died

The nine-year-old suffered extreme level of physical abuse at the hands of her father.

Cover image via The Malay Mail Online/Bernama

Army sergeant father of a nine-year-old girl, who died early Thursday morning in Port Dickson, has confessed to using his military-issued belt to beat her until she lost consciousness

The 38-year-old father, who is currently on a seven-day remand along with his wife, admitted to Port Dickson police about physically abusing his daughter.

According to a report in The Star Online, which quoted Officer in Charge of Police District (OCPD), Port Dickson, Superintendent Zainudin Ahmad, the father told the police that he used his military-issued belt to beat his daughter hours before she died.

"He also admitted to kicking and stepping on the girl till she urinated. The suspect claimed that he had hit the victim with a plastic chair too," The Star Online quoted Superintendent Zainudin as saying, adding that police have seized the evidence.

The girl's father and his wife.

Image via The Malay Mail Online/Bernama

A post-mortem conducted on the nine-year-old, Nur Aina Nabihah, had revealed that she suffered severe internal injuries, including kidneys, ruptured intestines and fractures on both left and right ribs

Superintendent Zainudin, while speaking to NST Online, said that the girl was abused by her own father and stepmother at their house in Taman Vista Jaya.

"The victim died of kidney failure, ruptured intestines and her right and left ribs were broken believed to be bashed with a blunt object," NST Online quoted him as saying.

The army sergeant father had in past also abused his daughter

According to Superintendent Zainudin, police had picked up the father back in June 2017 following a report lodged by the victim's mother who had noticed swellings and abrasions on her daughter's body.

"The mother had picked up the victim and another child from her ex-husband's house and was shocked to see swellings on the victim's body.

"We then questioned the father and he had admitted to hitting the victim. However, he apparently did this to educate their child," Superintendent Zainudin was quoted as saying by The Star Online.

While the case was referred to the Deputy Public Prosecutor, he subsequently decided in July that no further action would be taken

The Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) had reportedly decided that the father, who had the custody of his daughter, needs no further action against him on the grounds that he carried out the beating for disciplinary purposes to educate the girl, The Malay Mail Online reported Superintendent Zainudin as saying.

On the other hand, the father's 70-year-old mother cannot believe that her granddaughter had been abused to death by her son

According to a report in Bernama, the grandmother, Jara Bibi Sultan Mohammad, claimed that her son was "still humane" despite being a strict man.

"He is firm only when it comes to educating (his children) but not to the extent of breaking their bones like how the media had portrayed.

"Indeed, he does cane (his children) in order to teach them. He is a soldier, a strict person but would never abuse let alone kill them," she told Bernama.

Port Dickson OCPD Superintendent Zainudin said that the case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder

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