After A Rap On The Knuckles From Army Veterans' Body, Ali Tinju Retaliates Back

He is giving PVATM one week to apologise, or else he will take the matter to court.

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On 19 December, the Malaysian Armed Forces Veterans Association (PVATM) issued a stern warning against army veteran / agent provocateur Mohd Ali Baharom, better known as Ali Tinju.

They said that they will not hesitate to take disciplinary action against him if he continues to tarnish the image of the association.

Apart from contradicting the practice and principles adopted by veterans of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), the action by Ali Tinju was also deemed to have given the ATM veterans a bad image.

"Racial sentiments propagated by Ali Tinju can affect efforts by the country's leaders to unite the people of all races and religions in Malaysia," PVATM said in a statement in Kuala Lumpur.

Ali Tinju has sparked controversy numerous times.

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Ali Tinju, who served in the Royal Malay Regiment for 8 years, joined PVATM after registering with the Petaling, Selangor branch. However, he was not an active member, the group said.

The Federal Territory and Selangor Malay Army Veterans Association established by Mohd Ali had already been dissolved by the Registrar of Societies on April 1, 2014, for failing to comply with certain rules and regulations under the Societies Act 1966.

Prior to PVATM, MCA also hit out at Ali Tinju while also blaming Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali for his provocative actions

The agent provocateur had staged another protest at the Kota Raya shopping complex with the aim of teaching cellphone traders a lesson. MCA vice-president Chew Mei Fun said Malaysians, especially traders and customers in the Bukit Bintang, Petaling Street and Kota Raya vicinities, were tired of his provocations “which were turning habitual”.

"It can be safely stated that Ali Tinju's bravado to organise another incitement-filled demonstration is due to the attorney-general dropping all sedition charges against him despite his inflammatory rhetoric outside Low Yat Plaza. By declaring there was no case against him, the authorities appear to consent or condone his racially-charged language thereby emboldening him," said vice-president Chew Mei Fun.

She said if the AG had not dropped the sedition charges against him, Ali Tinju would have thought twice about organising public protests. Ali Tinju was charged under Section 4(1)(b) of the Sedition Act for allegedly making an inflammatory speech outside Low Yat Plaza in July.

The attorney-general had explained that the sedition charge against Ali Tinju was dropped because police could not come up with the audio recording of the alleged inflammatory remarks he made during the riot.
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To which, AG Apandi Ali said it is unfair to blame him for the actions of Ali Tinju, who called for a protest outside the Kota Raya shopping complex on Friday, 18 December, reported Malaysiakini

MCA's comment not fair, says attorney-general. Countering her, Apandi said: "Her comment is not fair because the video recording of Ali Tinju (at Low Yat Plaza) is not enough (to charge him with sedition). When I asked if anyone had more evidence (against Ali Tinju), they showed (me) the same video. So the evidence is insufficient. Don't blame me if there is not enough evidence," he told reporters.

Coming back to Ali Tinju and PVATM, the leader of the "red shirt" movement has cried foul over the disciplinary action caution from the group, insisting that all his actions using the military association's name were in the interest of the race and country

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“The allegations made are too extreme. During Bersih, we saw them invite the rakyat to rise against the government. At that time, no one could stop Bersih from demonstrating in the streets, making chaos in business areas,” he told ProjekMMO, the sister publication of Malay Mail Online in Bahasa Malaysia.

“I and my colleagues in the veteran Malay military gave Ambiga warnings until she finally issued a statement that there would be no Bersih 3 and 4,” he added, referring to Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, former co-chairman of electoral reforms pressure group Bersih 2.0 and the 2011 protest that saw tens of thousands that flooded the streets in the federal capital.

He also slammed the PVATM, calling their statement as spreading untrue allegations, denying that the association he is part of was disbanded last year, claiming it is still active and registered

“I want to remind PVATM not to disturb other people’s house and I want the president to make an open apology. Their action has affected my good name, this is going overboard,” Mohd Ali said when contacted by The Rakyat Post.

He added that he is giving PVATM one week to apologise, and if they fail, he would be taking the matter to court. Mohd Ali explained that the association was set up based on his efforts and they have conducted 200 programmes since the inception in 2011 by using their own funds, without any aid from the government.

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