The World's Biggest Media Channels Are Talking About Our 'Pretzel Dog' Fiasco

The list is really quite long.

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It seems that everyone can't stop talking about Auntie Anne's 'Pretzel Dog' since news broke out about the company's application for halal certification

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It was revealed recently that Auntie Anne's has yet to be certified halal by Malaysia's Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM).

One of the reasons Auntie Anne's was refused halal certification is because JAKIM found its 'Pretzel Dog' name to be "inappropriate", recommending the company to rename it to 'Pretzel Sausage'.

Following the incident, the issue has not only been widely reported by local media but also highly publicised in many other countries around the world.

Here's the list of some of the media from around the world that have reported on the issue:

1. America's ABC News

Image via ABC News

2. America's International Business (IB) Times

Image via IB Times

3. America's Time

Image via TIME

4. Australia's The Australian

Image via The Australian

5. Austria's Der Standard

The headline roughly translates into: 'There won’t be any ‘hot dogs’ in Malaysia in the future: Dogs are considered "unclean”'.

Image via Der Standard

6. Germany's Rheinische Pos

The headline roughly translates into: 'Malaysia prohibits the sales of hot dogs'.

Image via RP Online

7. Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The headline roughly translates into: 'The hot dog is un-Islamic'.

Image via FAZ

8. India's NDTV

Image via NDTV

9. Indonesia's Kompas

The headline roughly translates into: 'The Malaysian government asks restaurant to rename

Image via Kompas

10. Indonesia's Tempo

The headline roughly translates into: ''Hot Dog' In Malaysia Is Urged To Change Its Name Due To Its "Haram" Impression'.

Image via Tempo

11. Israel's The Jerusalem Post

Image via JPost

12. Japan's Nikkei Asian Review

13. Philippines' Manila Bulletin

Image via Manila Bulletin

14. Singapore's Straits Times

Image via Straits Times

15. Taiwan/Hong Kong's Apple Daily

The headline roughly translates into: ''Hot dog' misleading Muslims to eat pork, Malaysia recommends a rename'.

Image via Apple Daily

16. Thailand's Bangkok Post

Image via Bangkok Post

17. United Kingdom's BBC

Image via BBC

18. United Kingdom's Daily Mail

Image via Daily Mail

19. Vietnam's Thanh Niên

The headline roughly translates into: 'Intense debate on request to change the name of ‘hot dog’'.

Image via Thanh Niên

Share with us if you've seen other articles by any other publishers around the world in the comments section below!

Speaking of which, did you there are actually other reasons why Auntie Anne's halal application was rejected besides the 'Pretzel Dog' name:

We tried renaming brands and other random things that contained some "confusing" terms:

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