Catholic Priest Joins Australian Muslims Gathered In Prayer For Rain To Combat Wildfires

The group gathered to pray at a park in Adelaide on 5 January.

Cover image via Patrick McInerney/Facebook

In the wake of the severe wildfires crisis in Australia, a group of Muslim worshippers gathered at a park in Adelaide to pray for rain last Sunday, 5 January

More than 50 men and women, children included, gathered at Bonython Park with prayer mats laid in front of them, reported Daily Mail.

The group came together to perform solat sunat Istisqa' (prayers for rain) in hopes of easing the plight of those affected by the wildfires.

Reverend Dr Patrick McInerney, from the centre for Christian and Muslim Relations, joined the Muslim worshippers in the gathering after learning there was an exclusive prayer for rain

"Today I joined with my Muslim sisters and brothers in Adelaide in prayer for rain," Dr Patrick wrote in a Facebook post.

"My friend, Professor Mohamad Abdalla, gave the khutbah (sermon) emphasising repentance and reliance on God who is Merciful Provider."

It was reported that rain began pouring the day after

Pakistan-based news agency BOL News noted that rain started pouring in fire-ravaged parts of Australia yesterday, 6 January.

According to BBC, sooty rain was spotted in the east coast, from Sydney to Melbourne, while "torrential" rain poured down in several parts of New South Wales.

Despite the momentary relief, officials said temperatures will continue to soar again by Friday, 10 January.

As of today, 7 January, the total death toll has risen to 25 and about 24 million acres of land has burned

According to, two million acres of land was burned in the Amazon fires August last year. 

It is comparative smaller when compared with Australia's current wildfires.

If you wish to help Australia combat the wildfires, you can donate to these organisations, as recommended by the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS):

- Donate to the Australian Red Cross fire recovery and relief fund here,

- Donate to the NSW RSF's Country Fire Service Foundation in South Australia here, or

- Donate to the NSW RSF's County Fire Authority in Victoria here.

The Irwin's family is also doing their part in rescuing animals displaced by the wildfires:

A model in Los Angeles, US is offering her nude photos to anyone who donates to charities battling the Australian wildfires:

While Malaysia has offered its assistance to Australia, Malaysians have been advised to avoid travelling there:

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