If Your Uni Made You Wear This on Your Head, What Would You Say?

This may look like a joke, but Bangkok's Kasetsart Universty is taking it very seriously. Or were they?

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PHOTO: The "anti-deceit paper helmet" in use

Bangkok's Kasetsart University created the "anti-deceit paper helmet" for mid-term exams.

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READ: The story behind the helmet photo

Photographs posted to a Bangkok’s Kasetsart University alumni Facebook page appears to show students wearing a “helmet”, which consist of a piece of paper wrapped around the head and pieces of paper stapled to either side.

It was the brainchild of a professor at one of Bangkok's most famous universities who was concerned that his small exam room would encourage plagiarism.

Kasetsart University is a public university, ranked one of the best in Thailand and with a focus on agriculture, food, technology and innovation.

The low-tech anti-cheating helmet invention doesn’t look sophisticated, but would function like horse blinkers and prevent wearers from glancing to the side — which should prevent any sneaky peeks at neighbours’ answers.

Despite being taken down, the image still managed to go viral, prompting questions about the state of Thailand's education system.

Here's what the professor who designed it has to say

The 40-year-old professor said the idea came about during discussions with students last week about how to prevent cheating.

"It was for fun, relaxation and humour for the students... I want them to feel relaxed in their exams," Nattadon Rungruangkitkrai said.

"It is a trial idea agreed between me and the students - they liked it. They said the blinkers could release stress during the exam and help them concentrate," he added.

The KU Students Administrative Board later issued a statement apologising for it

The KU Students Administrative Board later issued a statement apologising for causing the controversy and that the picture caused more reaction than intended. "We must apologise for causing differing opinions. We actually intended to make people look at it in a funny way during the exam."

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