Shah Alam City Council Dog Catchers Trespassed On Private Property To Seize Owner's Dog

"MBSA are allowed to go in any house without a warrant."

Cover image via Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR)

Apparently, dog catchers from Shah Alam City Council or Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA) have no sense of boundaries. They trespass, seize pet dogs from inside their owner's private properties, stuff them in a cage filled with other dogs squeezed together and drive away, despite owners pleading them to stop.

In an incident on 29 March, MBSA dog catchers trespassed into a house in Kota Kemuning and seized the owner's dog, 'Charlie'

The owner of the house, according to this Facebook post by Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR), was carrying her baby in her arms and was pleading to the dog catchers to stop. But they didn't, taking charlie away with them.

They put him in a cage with other dogs cramped together:

Apparently, they even seized a collared dog

Image via MIAR

It was reported that the lady went two days in a row to take Charlie back. However, she was told that someone has taken him away.

MIAR questioned that how come the dog catchers have the authority to enter owners' private premises? "We want to know is this legal in Shah Alam?"

Later on 1 April, at around 10:50pm, MIAR posted an update

In the update, MIAR said that Charlie is safe with one of the neighbours who bailed him out. However, they added that "MBSA went back to the house to take revenge on the person who reported by giving them a warning for their other dogs and told them to get a license or else they will come back again after 14 days."

MIAR also claimed that a lady named Khadijah who works in MBSA said that they are "allowed to go in any house without a warrant."

However, this is not the first time that MBSA has been accused of trespassing on a private property to seize an owner's pet dog.

Back in 2012, a couple who rescue and find homes for stray dogs sued MBSA for breaking into their home in Kota Kemuning and seizing two animals while they were out. Although the dogs were returned, the couple said that MBSA should not get off scot-free and action must be taken.

“By right they are not supposed to trespass, I believe anyone else in my shoes would be doing the same. This is also about our safety, it’s like anyone can just come into our house and do what they want.”

Darwin and Moey playing with their stray dogs in their home.

Image via selangortimes

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