Beauty Entrepreneur Reveals She Made RM909,999 Bid For 'FF9' Licence Plate

The bidding for the 'FF' car licence plates last week raked in a record revenue of RM34 million.

Cover image via @lovedevon99 (Instagram)

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The Road Transport Department (JPJ) recently launched a new vehicle registration series starting with 'FF' and made RM34 million in revenue during the bidding stage

According to New Straits Times, Transport Minister Anthony Loke said the 'FF' car licence plates netted the highest ever collection, and the ministry also saw the highest number of bidders since they launched the JPJ eBid online app in 2019.

Loke said a total of 34,032 Malaysians participated in the bidding that was open from 14 to 18 May.

He added that the response was so overwhelming that the high volume of bidders caused the JPJ system to crash on Thursday, 18 May, forcing the department to extend the bidding period by 24 hours.

In a press conference on Monday, 22 May, he also revealed that the highest-bidded licence plate was 'FF8', which was sold for RM950,000.

Next were 'FF9' that was sold for RM911,999, 'FF3' for RM639,000, and 'FF2' for RM638,000.

One of the bidders for the second-most coveted number has since garnered attention on social media after netizens witnessed the Puchong-based beauty influencer and entrepreneur attempt to get her hands on the licence plate

The entrepreneur, Ivon Wong, made a whopping RM909,999 bid for the 'FF9' registration number

She posted about bidding the large sum on her Instagram Stories at around 10.30pm on 18 May.

Unfortunately, due to the system crash and extension of the bidding period, Wong was outbid by RM2,000 at the eleventh hour on Friday, 19 May.

According to screenshots of the JPJ bidding platform on a community Facebook group, it can be seen that two higher bids were made after hers.

Nonetheless, the 35-year-old shared across her social media platforms that she was not sad about not getting the licence plate

In a couple of Facebook livestreams, she revealed that she was willing to bid so much because she simply liked the single-digit number.

According to The Star, she already has two cars — a McLaren 720S and a Mercedes — with a single number '9' on their licence plates.

Moreover, she said that 'FF' is significant to her because they are the initials of her beloved dog, Fei Fei, that died three years ago.

"People have been asking me why I made the bid for the number plate.

"It represents cherished memories and the bond that I shared with my dog, Fei Fei," she was quoted as saying.

She added in an Instagram Story today, 24 May, that others may not understand why she chose to bid close to RM1 million on a licence plate, but she humbly asked people to respect the way she chooses to spend her money or remember her dog, regardless of whether she won the bid.

Last month, 'BRK' licence plates went up for bidding in Selangor and also garnered attention on social media:

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