Beauty Reviewer Slammed For Applying Foundation On A Snake To Show Its "High Coverage"

"All its black scales and bumps, it can cover!"

Cover image via Twitter

A beauty reviewer is receiving backlash for a controversial make-up review video she uploaded on Facebook Live

On 29 June, a netizen took to Twitter to share a 31-second clip of the video, which was posted on the Facebook page of beauty product review website

The tweet has garnered over 9,600 retweets at the time of writing.

While reviewing foundation from local make-up brand Nurraysa Beauty, the woman held up a small snake to the camera and applied the foundation to its underbelly

"Just by dabbing, as you can see, it's very good coverage," she said.

Image via Twitter

"It's so good, see, all its black scales and bumps, it can cover! Highly coverage!" she raved.

Image via Twitter

Another woman can be heard agreeing with her and pointing out the difference between the snake's body where foundation was applied and where it was not

"This is the 'before', and this is the 'after'!" she chimed in.

Image via Twitter

Netizens responded to the viral tweet by slamming the reviewers behind and saying that their actions towards the snake constituted animal abuse

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

On 1 July, an official statement by the website's management was uploaded on their Facebook page

"In regards to the snake video, it was an old video and we admit to being naive when we used a snake during that [Facebook] live session," the statement read.

It was also mentioned that the snake was "released" after the video was taken.

" takes complete responsibility and have deleted the video from our social media platforms. We take this as a lesson that we will never repeat," it read.

Image via Facebook

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