LHDN Asked This Woman To Pay Her "Late" Husband's Taxes... But He's Not Even Dead

Nothing is certain but death and taxes.

Cover image via Facebook via Sarawak Public Feedback

A snapshot of a letter from the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN) has been making its rounds on social media recently

The letter, dated 25 July, was addressed to Zakiah@Normah about one Amran bin Mohamed, a deceased who has outstanding debts with the government agency.

It stated that LHDN records show that Amran had unsettled debts that amounted to RM1,728.50.

According to the letter, Zakiah was asked to pay the amount owed to LHDN as she was listed as the beneficiary for Amran's account.

Netizens were surprised that LHDN is going after a deceased's next-of-kin to settle his or her outstanding taxes

They said that there was "no way out" for a person with outstanding income taxes, as LHDN appeared to be making claims from the dead person's relative who must pay up the sum owed to LHDN.

Meanwhile, some said that the letter was probably a matter of formality and protocol by LHDN. They also urged the person involved to send a formal request for waiver, saying that people that they have personally known have successfully obtained a tax clearance for such cases.

Image via Facebook

However, not long after the photo went viral, it was learned that Amran is still alive and well, and not dead as the letter claimed

"The letter was signed by an officer from the Terengganu LHDN Collections Unit and asked my wife to settle the balance of my outstanding debts."

"I am very surprised to have received the letter that stated that I had passed away even when nothing had happened," he told reporters when met at his house today, 28 July.

It was learned that the 45-year-old is an auxiliary police officer at an oil and gas company. He said that he has never neglected or ignored matters on income tax payments.

Image via Harian Metro

He explained that he was subjected to monthly tax deductions and his employer makes timely payment to LHDN

"I am curious why LHDN had made such a mistake because the information on my name, my wife's name and the house address was accurate," said Amran, who lives in Taman Murni, Paka, near Dungun, Terengganu.

Harian Metro, reported Amran saying that he is not going to lodge a police report on the matter because he considered this a mistake by LHDN. Nevertheless, he hoped that such things will not happen again in the future, whether to him or anyone else.

"Don't mess with matters related to life and death," he said.

Speaking of which, beware if you receive emails that claim to provide a sum of tax refund:

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