Bersih: If You're Still Queueing Up After 5PM, Stay And Insist On Your Right To Vote

Polling for GE14 is set to close at 5pm.

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With less than half an hour to go 'til polling closes at 5.00pm, Bersih has released a statement urging voters to stay in the queue and make sure they get to cast their vote even if it's past 5.00pm

In a statement released on Facebook at 4.00pm today, 9 May, the electoral watchdog wrote:

"Do not go away even if [the Election Commission] says you are too late. If you are already there and in queue before 5.00pm, EC must allow you to vote and cannot ask you to leave.

Stay and insist on your right to vote. It is not your fault for them being too slow."

In the event that they are turned away at the polling station, Bersih advised voters who are still lining up at 5.00pm to snap a photo of the queue as well as to jot down the names of EC officers for legal purposes

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"If the queues are still very long at 5.00pm, please help us to take a photo of the queue," Bersih wrote. 

"Write down the names of the Ketua Tempat Mengundi or any SPR officers that refuse voters that are already queueing before 5.00pm to vote. This is important if we need to file legal action later."  

Bersih added that the photos and names are to be submitted to them via Pemantau.

Bersih also called on candidates, candidate agents, polling and counting agents (PACA), as well as lawyers to be on standby at polling stations to help voters who are still in queue to exercise their right to vote

At the time of writing, Segambut candidate for DAP Hannah Yeoh has released a Facebook statement urging voters to stay in line until they get their ballot paper, even if it is past 5.00pm. 

On Twitter, Azmin Ali also called on EC to extend the deadline for voters who have been queueing up before 5.00pm, while former Bersih chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan pointed out that such extensions are provided for in line with Malaysians' constitutional right to vote. 

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