Beware, This Tax Refund Email Isn't From LHDN

A more than six-year-old scam that is still going strong!

Cover image via LHDN

This scam email is being circulated on social media including WhatsApp claiming that it's from Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri

The LHDN Malaysia's official page earlier posted on Facebook about the scam email, warning Malaysian taxpayers to not fall prey

"Please note that the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia has denied issuing a refund from the email "[email protected]". All taxpayers are asked to be careful and not fall prey to the latest scam techniques," read the post in BM.

In case of any query, you call 1-800-88-5436 (toll free).

The latest scam email circulating on the web, however, is not new. The same financial scam, with slight variations in its copy, has been doing the rounds since 2010, possibly fooling unsuspecting people.

Image via maybank2u

Please note that the deadline to file your taxes online is 15 May

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