[VIDS/PICS] Padang Merbok Rally: Auntie Bersih Almost Sent To Jail

The opposition and its supporters are not done voicing their dissatisfaction with the 13th General Election results. Another rally, a bigger one is being held at Padang Merbok Kuala Lumpur this June 22. Despite arguments on the venue and the haze worries, Pakatan Rakyat still expects a huge turnout. Coupled with hearsay of police violence, will this be the biggest 505 rally yet?

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Aunty Bersih says it would be an experience to see how it is in prison

Aunty Bersih says it would be an experience to see how it is in prison.

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At 67 years old, she has been tear-gassed, kicked, sprayed with water cannon and now finally charged in court for taking part in illegal gatherings. But retired teacher Annie Ooi – better known as Aunty Bersih – is not perturbed.

"I don't care what they do to me," the frail woman said. “This is my first time here and I have no clue what is going to happen to me." She is "fighting the government" for a "better tomorrow", she says.

“If I can’t post bail, it would be an experience to see how it is in prison. To see the conditions and the way detainees are treated. It will surely be an experience. “If they question me, I will only give them my name, my identity card number and my address."

"If they ask me my father’s name, I will tell them he is deceased. My mother’s name, I will tell them 'Don’t disrespect her’. My husband’s information, I will tell them 'none of your business’.”

Thankfully for the prison authorities, bail was posted for Ooi. All 33 were granted bail of RM2,000 each, which was paid through public donations. Ooi said she was not out to make enemies of the police unless they kick her again.

33 Black505 protesters charged for illegal assembly at the Parliament

Thirty-three Black 505 protesters, including activist Annie Ooi Siew Lan a.k.a. Aunty Bersih, were charged at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court today with participating in an illegal assembly.

All were charged with one count of participating in the illegal assembly which caused nuisance to the public, while 17 of them also faced an additional charge of rioting. Judge Mat Ghani Abdullah granted them bail of RM2,000 with one surety each.

All 33 pleaded not guilty to causing public nuisance and participating in an illegal assembly for demonstrating outside Parliament House here on June 24, after they were barred from entering Parliament to submit a memorandum demanding the resignation of the EC Chairman.

Police releases 32 arrested protesters from Parliament demonstration

A total of 32 Blackout 505 rally participants arrested for charging at the police at the entrance of Parliament building yesterday were released from Jinjang police station early this morning.

Kuala Lumpur CID chief Datuk Ku Chin Wah said the participants, including three women, were released in stages with the last at 2am after their statements were recorded.

"The protesters are being investigated under Section 9(5) and Section 4 (C) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012. "We are also investigating them under Section 148 of the Penal Code for rioting," he said when contacted.

"The gathering was deemed illegal as there was no notice given to the police 10 days prior to the event," he said.

VIDEO of Adam Adli at the Blackout 505 trending on YouTube

Candlelight vigil held outside Jinjang police station for Auntie Bersih and 31 others in lock-up

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A large group of people turned up at the Jinjang police lock-up for a vigil for the 32 people who were detained in the morning for holding a demonstration outside Parliament House.

Police says the 32 detainees will be release at 10 PM.

Auntie bersih is release and by 2.30am am all 32 detainees were released.

Last batch of detainees were finally released at around 2:15am. All went on peacefully except for some episodes. A local middle age resident who was there to lend his support went into an epileptic bout and fell.

We managed to settle him down until the ambulance arrived. Right after the ambulance left, another elderly man went into a trance and stood in the middle of the road. We have to guide the traffic to go around him on both sides.

Auntie Bersih among those arrested outside Parliament this morning

Auntie Bersih among those arrested outside Parliament this morning

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Aunty Bersih Annie Ooi is believed to be one of the 32 people, mostly students, who were arrested by police for holding a demonstration outside Parliament House this morning.

It is believed that Annie Ooi joined the group of protesters outside Parliament House this morning.

It is understood that some of those detained by police had surrendered to the authorities including student activist Adam Adli and Chegu Bard.

Of the 32 detained, 31 have been sent to the Jinjang police station while one is still at the Dang Wangi police station.
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Police arrest 15 - 28 out of 50 protesters who tried breaching police barricade

Police arrest 28 out of 50 protesters who tried breaching police barricade. Image from Media Rakyat.

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A group of some 50 activists, earlier kicked out of their camping ground at Padang Merbok, have moved their protest to Jalan Parlimen.

They marched from Padang Merbok and demanded entry into Parliament grounds. They then lied-down on the road leading towards the Parliament building to show their protest.

“The protesters have lost their mind. There are many cars here, it’s dusty, they could endanger people. They are free to protest, but don’t lie down on the road,” Rural and Regional Development Minister Shafie Apdal.

A policeman is believed to have been punched in the nose while others had an egg and paint thrown at them while the cops were trying to detain student activists protesting outside Parliament House this morning.

Some 26 people have been arrested outside Parliament an hour ago after they tried to breach a police cordon stopping them from entering the building. -

More than 15 protesters, including activists Shukri Razab, Adam Adli Abd Halim and Badrul Hisham Shahrin, were detained as the demonstration outside parliament fizzled out.

They surrendered to police peacefully after earlier trying to bulldoze their way into parliament to hand over a memorandum demanding the resignation of the head of the Election Commission, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof.

DBKL evicts activist campers at 4.30 am but the protest continues

Participants are told to avoid any provocation and avoid the use of weaponry.

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Tents dismantled. A briefing was done to advise participants on their next course of action. There are also those wearing Lynas and Bersih t-shirts.

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Tian Chua gave a speech, thanking all attendees, calling them the heroes who defended Padang Merbok. He announced that soon they will be delivering the people's wishes inside Parliament.

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Police and Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) authorities removed the tents of activists camped overnight at Padang Merbuk here, around 4.30am Monday. The activists, who had stayed on after Saturday's Black 505 gathering, are deciding on their next course of action.

About 300 people were evicted. Most of them were students.

Protesters reinforced by the student activists who had camped for two nights at Padang Merbok have gathered in front of Parliament House with police blocking the entrance.

While the new parliamentarians are waiting to be sworn in inside the Dewan Rakyat, a group of about 100 protesters, the same group which had camped out at Padang Merbok for the past two days, are outside the august house chanting "reformasi" and "hidup rakyat".

Led by Batu MP Tian Chua, the group are demanding for the resignation of the Election Commission commissioners.

The group, carrying banners and placards also urged Tian Chua to boycott the swearing in ceremony as a sign of protest against election fraud.

The organisers told the protesters to sit on the sidewalk and they plan to hand a memo to the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on the Election Commission.

[PICS/VIDS] What went down at the Padang Merbok 622 rally

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Nasi Berani available at Padang Merbok. By ABN News.

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This is Black 505 now : Padang Merbok. By The Malaysian Insider.

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Terkini : Himpunan #Black505 Jalan Pekeliling, PAS headquarter Jalan Raja Laut, Sogo, Jalan Sultan, Brickfields, Universiti Malaya, Masjid Negara dan Padang Merbok.

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Orang Asal turut sertai Black505. From Pusat Aduan Haiwan 1 Malaysia - PAH1M.

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Nurul Izzah giving a speech at the rally, from Buletin Pakatan Rakyat.

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MiLo SuaM: #Black505 Dari Jalan Raja Laut menuju Padang Merbok

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From Isu Politik Semasa

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#Black505 semua sedang menuju ke padang merbuk, menteri wilayah adnan mansor (bukan adik rosmah mansor) minta polis ubah tempat demonstrasi BlackOut, apa punya menteri lah? kah3. From Buletin Pakatan Rakyat.

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SMM says they will camp at Padang Merbok until the EC official resigns

Today's Black 505 rally comes to an end. However, some will camp at the field until their demands are met. About 20-30 tents have been set up here.

5.50pm: About 30 tents have been put up in the field. SMM spokesperson Ehsan says about 100 will camp there tonight. The rally has concluded, but SAMM has pledged to proceed with its plan to camp the night at Padang Merbok.

5.45pm: Rally organising chairman Datuk Johari Abdul declares that the rally has ended. However Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) and Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) say they will camp at Padang Merbok until EC officials resign.

This will be the 15th Black 505 rally to be held in protest against alleged misconduct by the Election Commission during the 13th General Election.

Alternative news say "the police has been nice today"

Alternative news say "the police has been nice today"

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Until now, the Black 505 rally has been incident free and there are an estimated 20,000-plus supporters at Padang Merbok and its surrounds.

One of the spearkers, Badrul Hisham Shaharil, better known as Chegubard, praises police for "being nice" today.

He then chants "police baik, negara aman" to the cheers of the crowd.

4.45pm: KL Police Chief DCP Datuk Mohd Salleh said the situation at the rally was under control. No arrests were made since rally kicked off at noon.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Mohmad Salleh has said no reports have been lodged and nor have there been any arrests. "The situation is under control."

Although police are present in huge numbers, their duties are confined to traffic regulation and crowd control.

Dozens of policemen and City Hall officers stood and watched as organisers installed the public address system for the event. "We thank the government for giving us our space to assemble," he said.

Tengku Adnan encourage protestors to gather at Stadium Merdeka instead

Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor urged the Black 505 rally participants to gather at the Merdeka Stadium instead of Padang Merbuk.

The Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor made an unexpected appearance at Padang Merbok at 12.40pm and made a last-minute attempt to change the venue of the Black 505 rally to Stadium Merdeka.

Tweets said he was at Padang Merbok at 12.40pm.

This is because he deemed the stadium to be a confined area and safer for the participants. "We have allowed them to use the stadium but they insisted on using Padang Merbuk.

"If they still insist on going ahead, we will lodge a police report as City Hall has already denied the usage of the field, " he said when monitoring the situation at Padang Merbuk on Saturday.

PKR rejected a last-minute bid to move the Black 505 rally to Stadium Merdeka and insisted on heading to Padang Merbok as planned.

Nurul Izzah says 'leave your children behind'

This is evident when PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar tells a crowd of about 300 in Brickfields to "leave your children behind".

Among the crowd are parents with children in tow.

“This is because we are facing two challenges. One is the possibility of tear gas and the other is the haze. “So if you can, leave them behind,” she tells the crowd who are already prepared to march to Padang Merbok.

Nurul adds that supporters of Black 505 will be co-operating with police and will not resort to provoking them. "The CPO's statement was baseless," she says to loud cheers.

Political activist Hishammuddin Rais urged the crowd in Brickfields not to provoke police but to wave to them in a friendly manner as they march 1.5km towards Padang Merbok, in the heart of the Malaysian capital.

MalaysiaKini reports 20,000 people at the rally at 3pm

By 2.30pm, eye-witnesses said that about 8,000 people had gathered at Padang Merbok.
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2.40pm: Brickfields - Several FRU trucks were spotted along Jalan Tun Sambanthan but they do not appear to be ready for crowd control deployment, yet.

Former Perak legislative assembly speaker V Sivakumar is speaking to a crowd of about 20,000 now at Padang Merbok.

3.07pm: Crowd led by Nurul Izzah Anwar arrives at Padang Merbuk. PAS' Khalid Samad starts speaking to crowd. He said the crowd was able to enter and gather peacefully in Padang Merbuk. This shows that the Barisan government acknowledges the people's power.

PKR vice-president Tian Chua was giving a speech near the Sogo supermarket area and among others said, the demands of the protesters are very simple:
"We want the SPR chairman and his deputy to step down. We want him to step down today. If they do not do so, we will not leave Padang Merbok."

More than just haze for reasons to wear face masks

People have started gathering in front of Masjid Negara. Pix: mD/Faisol Mustaffa

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The Black 505 rally, to protest alleged fraud during GE13, is all set to go on Saturday despite the haze, lack of approval from Kuala Lumpur City Hall and warnings from the police.

POLICE have warned people to stay away from the Black 505 rally today, saying it could turn violent. They claimed that the rally organisers are planning to ignite clashes with the authorities.

Police claimed the rally organisers are expected to create chaos in the city to make waves on social media when the police quell the riots, presenting the cops as the bad guy.

Several key Pakatan Rakyat figures expected to gather at 7 checkpoints around KL, before leading the crowd to Padang Merbok.

Pakatan Rakyat is not worried that the haze would affect turnout at this Saturday's Black 505 rally in Padang Merbok. "As it is now, I do not see an indication that people will not come because of the worry over the haze. We have survived tear gas, after all," he said.

"Our priority is, of course, making sure there is medical help especially since we are experiencing the haze now. About 55 medical staff will be on standby at five locations, including Padang Merbok, Dataran Merdeka, Sogo, Dataran Maybank and Masjid Negara," Rafizi Ramli said.


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