A Boss In Subang Is Allegedly Forcing Employees To Take Ivermectin To Prevent COVID-19

The boss said they are vitamins.

Cover image via @lelakiserigala (Twitter)

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A Twitter user is alleging that his sister's workplace in Subang, Selangor is forcing employees to take Ivermectin as prevention against COVID-19

Twitter user @lelakiserigala said his sister's boss asked her to take the unapproved treatment while at work on Wednesday, 4 August.

"Remember my sister who tested positive for COVID-19 because of her workplace? Today her boss told her to take Ivermectin. Had to eat it in front of her," he wrote.

Introducing himself as Ashiq to SAYS, he said the boss had forced all the staff in the company, not only his sister, to take the drug.

"The boss said they are vitamins to prevent COVID-19," he said.

In the same thread, he also accused the company of forcing COVID-19 positive employees to come to work

"Many went for swab test [on Tuesday, 3 August]. They found 23 people positive and still asked them to come in to work. The positive ones also have to come in. What is this? Cruel!" he wrote.

In a previous thread on 8 July, Ashiq claimed that his sister tested positive for COVID-19 because of the workplace's disregard for COVID-19 precautions.

He alleged that the same company forced close contacts of positive cases to come in to work if they have tested negative, or they will face pay cuts.

Ashiq told SAYS that his sister has not taken any action against the company because she is a single mother and was afraid to lose her job

However, he said she has decided to make a police report against them this time.

"I spoke with her today (5 August), she said she will be doing something to save other's lives. She is looking for another job as backup," he explained.

He added that she felt some side effects after taking the Ivermectin: "Her eyes are a bit blurry, head and throat feels heavy, and she went to sleep immediately after work."

Meanwhile on Twitter, he has also updated her situation and asked people to recommend job postings to him because he will be encouraging his sister to resign as soon as she can.

Although Ashiq has not explicitly named the workplace, SAYS has reached out to the hinted company for a response on the allegations.

Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug, commonly known for its effective treatment of parasitic worms

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), while it is approved overseas to treat parastic infections such as onchocerciasis, strongyloidiasis, and other helminthic disease in humans, the drug is only accepted for veterinary use in Malaysia.

Until clinical trials are completed, MOH has also not approved the drug as either treatment or prevention of COVID-19 due to current inconclusive evidence.

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