Boy Broke His Arm Because He Wanted To Take A TikTok Video In A Running Washing Machine

His arm broke into three parts.

Cover image via SCMP/Sin Chew Daily (edited)

A 13-year-old boy in Fuzhou, China, broke his right arm into three parts after sticking it into a washing machine

Sin Chew Daily reported that in August this year, the boy wanted to take a video for the TikTok application, a platform for sharing videos. 

He attempted to grab clothes in the wash before his arm was broken by the high-speed spin of the washing machine.

Image via SCMP

His family then found him screaming next to the washing machine

Sina reported that after examination by a doctor, the 13-year-old's arm was swollen, out-of-shape, and he couldn't move his thumb anymore. 

"Luckily the boy got his arm out in time, his skin could have been torn as well," a doctor told Sina. 

The boy's broken arm.

Image via Sina

The 13-year-old has since recovered from his injury

Sin Chew Daily reported that it took three months for the boy's arm to heal.

He can now move his arm freely.

Putting yourself in danger for a video is never worth it!

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