You Can Choose Not To Wear Face Masks Outdoor From 1 May

Members of the public no longer need to check-in via MySejahtera to enter premises or public spaces as well.

Cover image via Buletin TV3 (YouTube) & Focus Malaysia

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that people can choose not to wear face masks when they are in an outdoor area from 1 May

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin made the announcement in a press conference today, 27 April.

With that said, Khairy said members of the public are still advised to wear face masks, especially in crowded places such as Ramadan bazaars.

He explained that the choice is up to the public, if a senior citizen requests one to put on a face mask, they should comply as it is a matter of "solidarity among the community and the self-responsibility".

However, members of the public must still wear face masks when they are in indoor areas or in public transport

There are only a few exceptions to this mandate, such as when individuals are exercising or alone in the space.

Members of the public can also have their face masks down while they are eating, and giving a speech or during a performance.

"The face mask mandate in indoor areas and public transport is still important to protect the rakyat, especially high-risk individuals," said Khairy.

Additionally, members of the public no longer need to check-in via MySejahtera to enter premises or public spaces

Members of the public will still need MySejahtera to report their COVID-19 status, show their vaccination status, and get notified about any relevant home surveillance order.

Users are also advised to turn on MySJ Trace to help MOH conduct contact tracing.

All new standard operation procedures (SOPs) will begin on 1 May.

Below is more information about the new SOPs:

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