[VIDEO] Suspected Suicide Bombings In East Jakarta Kills At Least 2 People

The blasts happened between five to 10 minutes apart.

Cover image via WLWT5

Two bomb blasts were reported in East Jakarta at a public transport terminal on Wednesday, 24 May, at around 9pm

"There were two blasts at around 9pm close to each other. From the damage, I can see, the explosions were pretty big," said East Jakarta police chief Andry Wibowo

According to Andry Wibowo, while the details are still unclear, there are three victims.

Five people have been reported to be injured and were sent to a hospital nearby.

Crowds gather at the scene of the explosions.

Image via Daily Star

Social media platforms have been flooded with graphic video footages and photos showing a number of body parts scattered on the road near the site of the explosion

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