This Bride Decided To Secretly Film Her Wedding Night... But This Happened.

A husband divorced his wife after he discovered she had secretly filmed their wedding night and the intimate footage was leaked and posted online by someone else.

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The bride secretly placed a video camera in their hotel room without informing her groom

According to the Saudi news site Okaz Al Youm, the bride, a Gulf national, had secretly set the video camera up in their marital suite and recorded almost an hour of them consummating the marriage.

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However, as the couple left the hotel where their wedding had been celebrated, the bride forgot the camera.

The camera was then discovered by a hotel employee

An employee, whose name wasn't reported, reportedly found it and, after watching the intimate recording, posted it online, turning the special moments for the couple into a scandal.

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After it was discovered by police an investigation was launched and within a matter of hours the couple and the hotel employee were all arrested.

While the groom was not found to have committed a crime and allowed to go home, the bride and the employee were remanded in custody.

The groom, who has not been named, then filed for divorce

The groom, however, insisted before leaving the police station on divorcing his bride for violating his privacy and on taking legal action against her.

Location: The husband divorced his wife after she secretly filmed their wedding night in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, (pictured) and the footage was leaked online

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He has filed for divorced on the grounds his wife had violated his privacy following the incident in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Reports say her family was actively seeking an amicable solution before the case reaches higher authorities and the dramatic situation is compounded.

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