BUDGET 2018: Bonuses, Leave Days, And Special Assistance For Civil Servants

Good news for civil servants!

Cover image via The Malaysian Times

When tabling Budget 2018 in the parliament today, 27 October, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak made several important announcements on what's in store for government servants and pensioners next year

Listed below are some of the highlights related to it: 

- Government servants who are forced to retire early due to health reasons will receive the same retirement benefits of the full service period. 

- Second-time promotion for civil servants who are still serving exceeding a 13-year period since the last promotion. 

- The maternity leave for civil servants will be increased to 360 days - limited to 90 days per year. 

Civil servants who are pregnant five months and above will also be allowed to leave work an hour earlier.

Husbands with pregnant wives who are working in the civil service will also be allowed to leave an hour earlier.

Also, for the first time in Malaysian history, the government has agreed to grant civil servants seven days of unrecorded leave days for those who want to perform umrah.

The special leave days for Education Services Officer will be increased from seven to 10 days per year.

Meanwhile, the lowest pension rate will be increased to RM1,000 a month. This will involve more than 50,000 pensioners who have been in the civil service for at least 25 years.

Government pensioners will also receive a special one-off payment of RM750 next year. 

Civil servants will also receive a special one-off assistance of RM1,500. The first thousand will be paid in January 2018, while the remaining RM500 will be given before Hari Raya.

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