Some Chocoholics Abroad Want To Fly To Malaysia Just To Buy This "Rare" Chocolate Bar

A holidaymaker was excited when she saw that Cadbury Dream chocolate bars were put up for sale at KLIA recently.

Cover image via @maverickbaking/Instagram & Reddit (Edited)

A single photo of chocolate bars spotted at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Malaysia has gotten many British chocolate lovers excited

According to The Sun UK, Reddit user 'AnnieIWillKnow' shared an image of Cadbury Dream chocolate bars for sale in Malaysia recently with the title, 'Found in Kuala Lumpur International Airport - you can still buy Cadbury's Dream bars in Malaysia!'

The British traveller was in Malaysia and couldn't help but to share her excitement with other netizens when she stumbled upon the "rare" chocolate bar at a duty free shop in KLIA.

It was reported that the post has led to a frenzy among chocolate fans in the UK, attracting more than a few hundred comments from other Redditors as the sight of Cadbury Dream is extremely rare for the people in the UK.

"It was an outrageous GBP5 for a bar, but I couldn't resist... my sister has already requested a portion of it," AnnieIWillKnow wrote in a reply to one of the comments in the Reddit thread, Daily Mail reported. 

For years, British fans have been left yearning for the Cadbury Dream chocolate after it went missing from their local market

Cadbury Dream, dubbed as the white chocolate version of Cadbury's popular Dairy Milk chocolates, was first launched in 2002.

The fan-favourite was missed by many after it was discontinued in the UK a few years later as they didn't make enough sales.

Some fans have missed it so much that they started petitions to bring back the sweet treat.

While it was discontinued in the UK, it is noted that Cadbury Dream is still available in some other parts of the world including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia, among others.

With this "newfound discovery", some netizens have expressed their willingness to travel to Malaysia just to get their hands on the delectable goods

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Malaysia will definitely welcome these visitors with open arms - even if they're just here for Cadbury Dream :p

Of course, there is more to Malaysia than just a destination for chocolates. There are plenty of good food here and interesting places to check out:

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