Can't Attend The #TangkapMO1 Rally? Get A Feel Of It Through These Photos And Videos

Close to 1,000 protesters are participating in the rally.

Cover image via @zikri

From 2pm today, student activists and supporters from political parties have gathered around the Sogo shopping center and Masjid Negara, to pressure authorities to arrest 'Malaysian Official 1'.

They are protesting despite not being given permission by DBKL to gather at Dataran Merdeka, as they plan to march to the iconic square. According to Malaysiakini, at today's rally, organisers don't plan to allow anyone but students to give speeches.

However, if you can't attend the #TangkapMO1 rally where close to 1,000 are protesting, you can get a feel of it through these photos:

The rally is seeing hundreds of PDRM and DBKL officers patrolling:

Anis Syafiqah is seen leading the rally from Sogo:

#TangkamMO1 protesters are seen carrying placards asking Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio to "pay back our $$$$"

Huge caricatures of people close to MO1 are seen around:

The protesters have started their march towards Dataran Merdeka:

Where they spotted the "first lady":

Participants carrying posters and singing along:

'Stop MOsquito 1' placard seen at the #TangkapMO1 rally:

The PDRM officers, who have barricaded Dataran Merdeka, won't budge:

Are you at the rally? You can tweet to us @saysdotcom your photos from the rally and we will add them here.

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