Canada's Immigration Website Crashes As Trump Leads In US Elections

The site crashed at about 11.30am Malaysian time.

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The media has been abuzz with reports of Canada's immigration website that crashed as the US election results are coming in

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According to Business Insider, the immigration website crashed at about 10.30pm eastern time (11.30am local time).

However, no information has been released so far on the cause for the site's crash.

A screenshot of how Canada's immigration website looks like.

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The crash came just as the US presidential election results showed that Donald Trump was leading. As of 12.57pm local time, Trump is far ahead of Hillary Clinton, having won 244 states while she is lagging at only 209.

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Twitter has been exploding with Americans talking about leaving the country...

In the midst of this, Business Insider also mentioned that their current top story is, 'How to move to Canada and become a Canadian citizen'

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau

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Meanwhile, looks like Canadians might not be too happy about it...

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