A Malaysian Was Almost Scammed Into Paying RM288 For Something She Did Not Order

The parcel was sent from China.

Cover image via Kylie Toh (edited)

Scammers are getting smarter.

On Monday, 4 June, a Facebook user shared how she was almost conned by a "cash on delivery" scam.

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Image via Vanr

In a post that has gone viral, Kylie Toh said a delivery man rang her doorbell at around 8.30pm. She felt suspicious as it was already after business hours for most courier companies

When asked about the irregular hours, the delivery man told Toh it was because of the high volume of parcels he had to deliver on that day. 

A brown parcel with the name "Kylie Toh" was presented to Toh

Toh was confused as she did not make any online purchases recently. It was a "cash on delivery" delivery as well, which meant she had to pay for the item on the spot.  

The shipping label indicated that the parcel was sent from China. 

Toh then asked her elder sister whether she was expecting for a delivery. Her sister said no and promptly deduced that it was a scammer at work and told Toh to immediately reject the parcel.

Image via Kylie Toh

According to Toh, if she had accepted the parcel, she would have to fork out RM288 as payment

By sharing her experience, she hoped the public would be more cautious and vigilant especially when receiving unknown packages. 

Image via Kylie Toh

Stay vigilant, everyone! If you're a regular online shopper, always keep track of your purchases. Don't give these scammers the chance to earn a quick buck from you.

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