CCTV Shows Couple Arguing About McD Before BF Damages Water Filter Out Of Frustration

If you are wondering why there are viral posts about 'poor water filter', this story explains it.

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Relationships are hard and they can drive us crazy sometimes

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And a fight between a couple this month shows us just that.

Recently, closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage showing a Malaysian couple fighting about dinner before the boyfriend damages a water filter in front of a shop out of frustration has gone viral on Facebook

In the three-minute CCTV footage, the boyfriend can be heard wailing as he says he did not think too much when he bought McDonald's for his girlfriend for dinner.

"Why were you still at home? What are you saying? Please calm down!" the girlfriend exclaims.

"I know, I know," the boyfriend responds, adding, "I was just buying McDonald's for you, that's all."

The girlfriend sarcastically challenges him to speak louder so that everyone can hear them, while the boyfriend maintains that he bought her dinner just to make her happy.

"Do you think what you did will make me happy?" the girlfriend asks her crying partner. 

The boyfriend then reiterates furiously that he did not think much when he bought McDonald's.

"Do you understand what I said? Do you understand?" he asks while weeping before kicking and damaging a water filter placed beside a water vending machine.

After the outrage, he pulls the girlfriend by her hand, which leads to the girlfriend hitting him.

He tries to reason with his girlfriend, saying there is a CCTV camera, but she pushes him away when he tries to give her a hug.

After some back and forth, the couple returns to their car, but not before someone from the shop comes out from the closed gate and asks who damaged the water filter

The couple drives up to a group of men who came out of the shop, and there seem to be some exchanges, but they drive off shortly after.

The time and date displayed on the CCTV footage were 9.35pm and 2 August.

At the time of writing, CCTV footage of the whole ordeal has gone viral with over 10,000 shares and almost a million views on Facebook.

In the wake of the viral incident, a man who claims to be the boyfriend in the CCTV footage posted a video on social media to explain his side of the story

In the five-minute video, he explains that he insisted his girlfriend eat the McDonald's meal he bought because she had not eaten lunch that day.

"Because it was late at night, there was only McDonald's left. On top of that, I love eating McDonald's," he says.

"So I had bought McDonald's for her and we had an argument there (in front of the shop). She got down from the car and said repeatedly that she didn't want to eat."

He explains that he tried to convince her to eat at least some, but it fell on deaf ears and the argument ensued.

In the video, he also dismisses negative comments that describe his girlfriend as overweight, saying that he loves her deeply no matter her weight.

He also clarifies that he has settled the issue of the water filter amicably with the shop. He denies that he is a violent man. 

Image via Facebook

With the story gaining so much attention on Facebook, many restaurants have jumped on the bandwagon to create posters to offer free meals to the couple

A gallery of posters curated by @carimakan126 on Facebook found at least nine restaurants are offering the couple free food, such as skewed meat, boba tea, beer, chicken wings, burgers, fries, and more.

Several posters feature a blue water filter personified in crying caricatures.  

The gallery post garnered over 7,900 shares as of publishing time.

The CCTV footage of the incident can be found below:

Meanwhile, the video of the boyfriend explaining his side of the story can be found on YouTube here.

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