Would It Be Better To Charge Consumers RM1 For Plastic Bags Instead Of 20 Cents?

"Shoppers are still using plastic bags because they are cheap."

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Environmental activist Gurmit Singh wants the Selangor government to implement a ruling that makes retailers charge RM1 instead of 20 cents for plastic bags

Environmental activist Gurmit Singh

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Speaking to Free Malaysia Today, Gurmit said that this would ensure that the people would think twice before paying for plastic bags that are currently being sold for 20 cents.

"Shoppers are still using plastic bags because they are cheap. Raising the price to RM1 might stop them from purchasing the plastic bags," added Gurmit.

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Commenting on how certain shops have opted for paper bags instead of plastic bags, Gurmit hoped that the bags are actually made from 'plantation wood' which is more biodegradable.

As for rubbish disposal, Gurmit, who is also the chairman of Environment, Technology, and Development Malaysia (CETDEM), advised the public to start using proper plastic bags that are sold specifically for garbage disposal.

Speaking about imposing a total ban on plastic bags, environmentalist Andrew Sebastian told FMT that Selangor should consider completely stopping the sales of plastic bags in the future

Environmentalist Andrew Sebastian

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"In about six months, the government should look into getting rid of plastic bags for good. Banning the use of plastic bags in totality is a process."

"Once the public is educated, the government should not allow the sale of plastic bags. We hope shoppers will stop using plastic bags to protect the environment," explained Sebastian when speaking about the importance of furthering the efforts of educating the public on the use of recyclable bags, as reported by FMT today, 4 January.

On 21 December, Green Technology, Environment, Tourism and Consumer Affairs committee chairman YB Elizabeth Wong informed that Selangor will be going plastic-free starting 1 January.

The Selangor state government have also banned the use polystyrene starting this year.

Do you think the price of plastic bags should be increased to RM1? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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